A Unique Light 
Light makes your event Unique 

We provide lighting equipment for rental and support for Film, Television, Theatrical, Entertainment, and Event Lighting. 

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Consoles & Boards

ETC EOS 4000 Control Console w/ touch screen
ETC Expression 2x Dimmer Board
Rosco PC Based Gold Control Console
Rosco PC Based Silver Control Console
Baxer Control BEST BOY Pocket Console
Wireless Solutions WDMX Transmitters
Wireless Solutions WDMX Receivers
DMX 5-pin 100'
DMX 5-pin 50'
DMX 5-pin 25'
DMX 5-pin 10'


Strand CD-80 12 x 2.4k
Strand CD-80 24 x 2.4k
Strand CD-80 48 x 2.4k


Six Channel 100' 2k
Six Channel 50' 2k
Six Channel 25' 2k
Two-fer (1 male to 2 females)
Edison Break-out
Edison Break-in



ETC Selador Vivid-R 11" LED
Rosco LitePad LED Gaffer's Kit (Daylight)
Rosco LitePad Pro LED HO Axiom Gaffer's Kit (Tungsten)
Lite Panel Two Light LED Kit (Daylight)


Airstar 8k Tungsten Balloon (Tube)
Airstar 4k Tungsten Balloon (Tube)


Bardwell McAlister 12-Light Mac Tech HPL
J-Box 2-Circuit Soft Box
J-Bar 2-Circuit 8' Light Bar
Mole Fresnel and open face lighting

Trailers & Generators:

Production Van- 48'
Production Van- 40'
Honda 6500 Putt-Putt
Honda 5500 Putt-Putt
Honda 2000 Putt-Putt



Switchbox Lepricaon 48x2.4k
Switchbox Dadco 36 x 2.4k
ACPD Camlock Spider 1200a
ACPD Camlock Spider 2400a
ACPD Camlock 1200a 3ph (3-220v Bates/ 6- 100a Bates/ 2-duplex)
ACPD Camlock 1200a 3ph (12- 100a Bates)
ACPD Camlock 360a 3ph (3- 100a Bates)
ACPD Camlock CFE 420a
ACPD Lug 1200a 3ph (3- 220v Bates/ 6- 100a Bates)
ACPD Lug 600a 3ph (6- 100a Bates)
ACPD Lunchbox- flow thru (100a Bates to Edison)
ACPD Lunchbox- flow thru (100a Bates to socapex)
ACPD Lunchbox- flow thru (220v Bates to L6-20)
Mole Gang Box (100a Bates to Edison)

Cable (Entertainment Grade)

Camlock 4/0 100'
Camlock 4/0 50'
Camlock 4/0 25'
Camlock 4/0 10'
Camlock 2/0 100'
Camlock 2/0 50'
Camlock Banded 5-wire
Camlock Banded 4-wire
Bates 110v 100a 100'
Bates 110v 100a 50'
Bates 220v 100a 100'
Bates 220v 100a 50'
Bates 220v 100 25'
Edison Stinger 100'
Edison Stinger 50'
Edison Stinger 25'
Edison Stinger 10'
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