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We provide lighting equipment for rental and support for Film, Television, Theatrical, Entertainment, and Event Lighting. 

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Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. (ETC) Website- Connect to all of ETC product lines and world information.
Selador Toolkit App by ETC– with features for both beginners and professionals – allows designers to mix their favorite colors and determine which models to use. The app also includes calculators to help stage electricians set DMX addresses for a series of Selador fixtures and gauge power usage. Data sheets, manuals, and application guides are provided to help accomplish the best overall results.
iRFR- BTS App by ETC- provides a riggers remote for any Eos, Ion, Element, Congo or Congo jr lighting system. This application can be used with both operating systems and requires Eos family software version 1.6 or higher or Congo software version 5.1.0 or higher installed on the connected lighting system.

The iRFR supports all of the features found on the ETC Net3 RFR product, adding more functionality through the use of the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad touchscreen. The exact features of the iRFR are sourced by the connected control system; not all features are supported by both platforms. Check the documentation for your console.

With the iRFR on Eos/Ion/Element, you can:
- Select channels and set parameter data
- Playback and edit cues
- Park channels
- Conduct dimmer and channel checks
- Patch conventional fixtures
- Manipulate color
iRFR Preview App by ETC- application for the Eos family of products - Eos, Ion and Element - provides a view-only Cue List display of the active cue list. ideal for lighting designers and stage managers who need to only see current and pending cues, this application works on the iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad products. On the iPad, this application makes it possible for designers to take notes on cues, copy those notes to a text file and email them as needed
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